Make Games SA makes dreams come true too. Sends 2 students to school

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South Africa’s cuddliest games industry association*, Make Games SA, sends word of its amazing members activities over the weekend. While MakeGamesSA is best known for supporting the production and marketing of locally developed gems like Broforce, Stasis and PixelBoy, now it’s gone and got itself a reputation as a tiny nation of philanthropists too.

MGSA’s Ben Myers says that this weekend the community forum managed to raise a massive R25 000 in just four days, in order to keep two talented (but impoverished) students on the Game Design course at the University of the Witswatersrand.

Hanli Geyser, from Wits, posted an urgent request to the MGSA forum on Thursday afternoon, asking regulars to consider helping Thsetso Gift Radebe and Tumelo Thabane – both from Sebokeng. The two are passionate about games and had been singled out as good prospective students for the course, but found themselves R22 780 short of funding their studies.

So the forum had a whipround.

Astonishingly, by Sunday evening, the lovely MGSAers had pledged a fund of R25 000 for the pair – effectively creating the organisation’s first bursary project in a completely impromptu fashion. MGSA committee chair Nick Hall says that the organisation had been toying with the idea of a bursary, but this opportunity came out of the blue.

Clearly proving that not only do South African developers make the best games (seriously – it’s impossible not to smile at Broforce), they have the biggest hearts too. +sniff+

* Surely South Africa’s only games industry association? – Ed

Adam Oxford

Adam Oxford

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