How to read an entire novel in just 90 minutes

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An app that is currently in the pipeline and on its way soon, hopes to change the way we read with claims that it will help you read through text 80% times faster than normal.

Spritz uses a reader’s Optimal Recognition Point (ORP), which is the focal point that the eye seeks within a word, and shows words with the ORP located at the specific place where you’re already looking (such as the centre of the screen), so that you don’t have to move your eyes across the screen when reading.


You start off by reading 250 words per minute (wpm) and gradually increase your speed to 1 000 wpm, which i the highest speed on Spritz.

At the moment, Spritz is only available to developers although the company was invited to bring the app to the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Gear 2 smartwatch at Mobile World Congress and will be available on the two devices.

The app isn’t readily available at the moment but in the meantime you can head over to the Spritz website to try your hand at spritzing.

[Image: Spritz]