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Steve Jobs’ life story told in a French opera

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Theatre and opera lovers in the city of Oullins in France are being treated to an interesting production that’s a mash-up of the lives of two names you’re not likely to hear in one sentence, Steve Jobs and King Henry V of England.

Steve Five (King Different) is currently on at the French Theatre de la Renaissance. The production brings together the stories of Jobs, ‘the king of Silicon Valley’, and Henry V, the king of England and depicts comparisons in the two men’s infamous leadership methods and sharpness.

“This is a chamber opera devoted to digital adventure, loosely based on the life of the founder of Apple, and the hero of the drama that Shakespeare devoted to the winner of the battle of Agincourt. Two kings who doubt, two separate beings, two times, two bodies.” goes the 1 and a half hour-long opera’s synopsis.

And unlike your classic opera production made of high, dramatic vocal notes, rap music is also featured to represent the modern side of the story.

Steve Five (King Different) runs until 18 March at the French Theatre de la Renaissance.

[Source: Wired]