New screen protector shields your phone from bullets

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Smartphones and tablets are easily susceptible to damage from heavy objects or impact such as hammers, bricks or keys, but with the Holy Grail screen protector for  iPhone and iPad, not even a bullet can put a dent in your iDevice, according to its manufacturers.

American screen protector manufacturers, Sir Lancelot’s Armor, replaces normal plastic screen protectors with actual bullet proof glass, keeping it safe from virtually any kind of damage.

Holy Grails are made of silicon-based reusable high strength adhesive which is placed under the coloured part of the glass and keeps it from getting those annoying bubbles underneath.

“Holy Grails were created to help people protect their investments. When we demonstrate the technology, we use hammers, drills, razors, keys, knives, saws – anything we can think of to scratch or crack the screens of a variety of mobile devices,” said CEO of Sir Lancelot’s Armor, Jon Cyr.

Sounds impossible? Watch the video below to see it in action: