Canon keeps top photography spot

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Canon recently sent out a release informing the photographic world of their incredible achievements since the dawn of the digital era.

The Japanese imaging and optical products corporation has now manufactured over 250 million digital cameras since the first digital cameras ran off their production line in the mid 1990s.

In that historic line up are several Canon models that have made a mark on the digital photography landscape. Camera’s like the EOS 300D which, just over a decade ago, was the first DSLR to break the $1000 price point. Other cameras such as the G-range of PowerShot compact digitals have been the pocket-able camera or choice for many a professional and photojournalist. Another camera not to forget is the EOS 5D Mark II which was announced in 2008 and became the first DSLR camera to shoot full HD video and revolutionised the world moving pictures.

The other announcement Canon made is that they have been the number one selling DSLR brand for the past 11 years, and the most interesting point about this fact is the timing – while there are mixed stories over the success of other brands attacking Nikon and Canon’s dominance in DSLR by breaking off into mirrorless cameras, one cannot dispute the increased awareness that this new mirrorless category is getting.

While the sales figures have been below analysts initial expectations, mirrorless cameras are making some in-roads into the industry and in this market segment Canon and Nikon are not the established players. Competition is good for innovation so while we commend Canon on their accomplishments thus far, we look forward to seeing what they do next.

[Image: Flickr Creative Commons]