Standard Bank re-launches its tablet apps

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Standard Bank held an event in Johannesburg where the group re-launched its banking application with a new tablet app for iOS and Android. The new app was built with heavy input from its customers to help them “do banking at any time” without having to go into branches.

Peter Schlebusch, the chief executive of personal and business, said that about 18 months ago Standard Bank saw a change in the way customers were banking with the introduction of rudimentary banking applications and that Standard Bank began engaging with its customers to find out what the best features to add to the applications for its next iteration would be.

The tablet app is being released for iPads and Android tablets with display sizes larger than 7-inches. The new version of the Standard Bank banking app for smartphone users as well as those with Android tablets smaller than 7-inches will be released within the next 90 days. 

The new banking applications will allow for a customisable homescreen that will let users change around and rename all of the tiles to keep the information that is most relevant to them exactly where they want it. New features include the ability to see both on-shore and off-shore investments that customers of the bank have as well as some new personal finance management features that allows for, what Standard Bank is calling, “impulse saving” which allows for a new savings account to be opened with one click to help invest excess funds.

Standard bank will also be offering free WiFi in branches to allow its customers to bank using the app from within the branches for free.

The new apps are already live in the iTunes App Store as well as Google Play store already with app updates promised for each platform every 8 weeks.

David Greenway

David Greenway

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