DA Ayisafani ad to be brought back to SABC channels

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The SABC last night again asked for a postponement in its hearing against the Democratic Alliance (DA) over the airing of the political party’s Ayisafani ad, apparently because the national broadcaster wanted to appoint a new legal team. In the meantime though, the SABC has decided to temporarily bring the adverts back to all its channels.

“The DA has received confirmation from the SABC that the flighting of our banned ‘Ayisafani’ television adverts and radio adverts can resume immediately. The SABC’s revised position on this matter is a victory for freedom of expression and political activity, albeit a temporary one,” said DA leader Helen Zille.

“We maintain that the banning of the ‘Ayisafani’ advertisements was unlawful and unconstitutional. No amount of further preparation on the part of the SABC’s legal team will change that. We stand ready to defend our advertisements at a future hearing.

“We will continue with our ‘Ayisafani’ advert on the SABC and other channels. This includes social media, where our YouTube video has gone viral as a result of the SABC’s ban,” concluded Zille.

A date for the hearing’s resumption has not yet been set.

[Image: SABC, DA]