Jamaica’s Reggae Girlz need help getting to the 2015 Women’s World Cup

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Back in January, the internet helped to get Jamaica’s national bobsled team to the Winter Olympics thanks to a successful Indiegogo campaign. Now, the Jamaican national women’s soccer team, aka the Reggae Girlz, has also turned to crowdfunding to help them get to the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup in Canada.

A campaign has been set up by the Jamaican Football Federation on crowdfunding site GoFundMe to help the Reggae Girlz cover the costs of training camps, nutrition, travel, and housing for the team made up of 26 women. 

“The Women’s football program has greatly enriched the lives of young girls in Jamaica, but it is woefully underfunded. Several years ago, the women’s senior team was actually disbanded due to lack of funding. Last year the team got a second chance, and being the first Caribbean team to get to the World Cup Finals would mean more than just a win for the team…it will help to ensure the continuation of the national women’s football programme,” says the creator of the campaign, Janine Mundell.

To give the Reggae Girlz campaign a bit of a boost, Cedella Marley, daughter of legendary Reggae artists Bob Marley, is backing the campaign as the official ambassador and has donated official Bob Marley merchandise as rewards for backers. So far, $18 800 (R191 000) of it’s $750 000 goal has been raised in 27 days.

We’re crossing fingers that they reach their target.

Watch the Reggae Girlz promo video below.

[Source: Mashable. Main image: Reggae Girlz Facebook page]