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Green tech talk series kicks off at JoziHub

You don’t have to have been looking at the increasingly smog-laden skyline to figure out that something’s got to change in the way we get around Joburg. Forget etolls and accidents, the very air that we breathe in major cities is a major killer and cause of sickness these days.

In his annual State of the City address last week, Joburg Mayor Parks Tau proclaimed that the economic capital of South Africa is to spearhead a ‘green revolution’ addressing everything from energy efficiency through cost of living to climate change. Which is fine if you’re a macroeconomist or urban planner, but what can the humble citizen do to make a difference?

You could start by heading over to JoziHub next Friday. It’s launching a series of talks and discussions based around green tech in South Africa, and is kicking off with a presentation on transport by local specialists CYCOLOGY. Intereseted? It kicks off at 10.30am and includes a demonstration and – we presume – chance to ride an electric bike around downtown Joburg.

Tickets are free – sign up here.

[Image – CC Michi2873]

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