iPad sales fall again, but iPhone is still growing strong

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Is this a turning point for tablets? In its quarterly earnings report for the first three months of 2014, Apple has recorded a second drop in sales for iPad. Since Christmas it’s sold 16.35 million iPads into retail channels, compared to 19.48 million last year.

Sales for April-July in 2013 were also down year on year.

That’s a pretty big drop for a flagship product, although any effect on the bottom line is masked by the utter dominance of iPhone. While revenue from iPad sales dropped $1.1bn (R12bn), selling an extra 6.4 million iPhones over this time last year increased revenue for that division by $4bn.

Analysts have recently pointed out that iPad owners don’t tend to upgrade their tablets often – if at all. Also, increased competition from the likes of Samsung and Google will have put a dent in Apple’s market.

Sales of the iPod music player have also dropped, from 5.6million in the first three months of 2013, to 2.8million this year. That means that overall revenues rose by $2bn to $45.56bn (R481bn). It’s quarterly profit on that is $10.2bn.

Full figures below.

Apple Q2 2014 Device Sales (millions)
Q2’2014 Q1’2014 Q2’2013
iPhone 43.719 51.025 37.430
iPad 16.350 26.035 19.477
Mac 4.136 4.837 3.952
iPod 2.761 6.049 5.633


Apple Q2 2014 Revenue by Product (billions)
Q2’2014 Q1’2014 Q2’2013 Revenue for current quarter
iPhone $26.064 $32.498 $22.955 57.1%
iPad $7.610 $11.468 $8.746 16.7%
Mac $5.519 $6.395 $5.447 12.1%
iPod $0.461 $0.973 $0.962 1%
iTunes/Software/Services $4.573 $4.397 $4.114 10%
Accessories $1.419 $1.863 $1.379 3.1%
Adam Oxford

Adam Oxford

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