SA browser add-on turns politicians into pets

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With the elections coming up next month, the web is all EFF that and ANC this and never mind what the DA did next. If you’re already feeling a little bit burned out by all the politics, here’s something to help keep you engaged with civil matters.

Vote for Pets is a sweet browser extension that will replace any image it can identify as a South African politician with a picture of a dog or cat. What’s more is that these images are of actual rescue animals from the Barking Mad shelter which are up for adoption.

(You can also help to feed these cute dogs and cats for free by clicking this link, or by visiting the Barking Mad website.)

Download the free Vote for Pets browser extension for Firefox, Safari, Chrome and IE here.

Tiana Cline

Tiana Cline

Tiana Cline is a business tech magazine and website editor with a penchant for cats, cooking and violent video games.