South Africa’s longest running podcast hits major milestone

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So you’ve probably read a lot about how self-proclaimed shock jock Gareth Cliff has left the world of radio to start podcasting (in association with WeChat). Here’s even bigger news – the ZA Tech Show just released its 300th weekly episode, a major milestone for South Africa’s longest running podcast.

In the interests of full disclosure, we should point out that the podcast is hosted and produced by our own Brett Haggard, so the following comment isn’t entirely without bias: it’s a great episode, you should download it from here today.

To celebrate the 300th anniversary issue, Brett’s put together a group of guests who’ve been appearing on the show since the very start. ITWeb‘s Jon Tullett, TechCentral‘s Duncan McCleod and ‘Brain of 702’ Ben Kelly are in the studio chatting about old times, free WiFi, Galaxy S5s and more.

You can listen to the full episode in your browser over at or download it for posterity via iTunes et al.



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