You can now correct wrong translations on Google Translate

When Google added Zulu to Google Translate, we tested it out to see how accurate the translations were and, like with many other languages, we found the translations a bit poor. Fortunately Google is making room for improvement with a new feature that will allow users to submit corrections for any wrong translations.

At the bottom of the translation results pane, you’ll see an “improve this translation” pencil icon, clicking on it will allow you to edit the sentence and when you’re done, click on contribute to submit the translation.

“Google Translate learns and continues to improve from translations found across the web, and we’ve also added new ways for people to give feedback. If you see a poorly structured or incorrect translation, you can submit a suggested improvement to the whole phrase. We encourage you to to give this new feature a spin,” the company told The Next Web.

Here’s an example of a translation I corrected:

Screenshot (6)

Screenshot (12)


Screenshot (9)So, if you’re up to scratch with your Afrikaans, Zulu or any other language featured on Google Translate, you can officially “school” it on the correct translations.

[Source: The Next Web. Image: Shutterstock]


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