Wine-powered SA social app goes open source

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Real Time Wine was one of South Africa’s most promising start-ups. It had the nation’s favourite drink (citation needed), social networking, reviews and the ability to win boozey competitions without leaving the screen of your smartphone, and yet just failed to stay alive as a business. Too early, perhaps? Who knows – but founder of Andy Hadfield did write an exceptional post-mortem (which we published here). It’s essential reading for anyone just starting out or thinking of going into business for themselves.

There is some good news for those who tried and enjoyed the app though. The community that built up around Real Time Wine lives on at Incogvino, and Hadfield has just published (almost) all the source code for the various app builds, with links and instructions over at his blog. There’s a few bits missing, which were proprietary to the developer, but by the end RTW was a very smoothly performing app that included lots of features like voting, posting and commenting in a neatly presented manner.

Devs – check it out here.

It’s a tragedy to see RTW go – and kudos to Hadfield for doing the right thing with the source code so others can learn and emulate.

[Image – cc Baynham Goredema on Flickr)

Adam Oxford

Adam Oxford

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