Where to see all the live 2014 election results

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As voting stations close at 9pm on election day tomorrow, results are expected to start coming in at 10pm and will be broadcast live on various media platforms. Here’s where you can get all the results as they are revealed.

SABC News Online

The SABC has a portal dedicated to live election results where you’ll be able to see which three parties have secured the most votes in the national assembly and how many seats in parliament they have secured, as well as the full results for all other parties. A running tally will indicate how far along provincial and national counting is as well as the voter turnout percentage.

Screenshot (65)

There are also four different maps categorized as Seats, Votes, Turnout and Counting Progress Maps, which will show the progress in each category within all nine provinces and nationally.

Screenshot (66)News24 Elections Maps

News24 has a results maps page on its elections portal and app that shows how many votes each registered party has received by province and nationally, the total numbers in percentages and how many seats in parliament each party has won. In terms of voter counts, you can see how many voters registered, how many of them voted and how many of the votes are actually valid.

Screenshot (68)

The page also has results from all four previous elections. An interesting feature included is the voting shift tally, which shows how much support each party has lost or gained nationally and in each province over the years. For instance, of all the parties that took part in both the 2004 and 2009 elections, the only party that gained support nationally was the DA, while the ANC lost the most amount of support.

Screenshot (67)SMS

An SMS line has been opened where you can get election results once they’ve all been counted simply by SMSing the name of your province to 35657 (this will cost you R3).


The following news channels have already started special broadcasting of the run-up to elections and will be broadcasting the results live on their various platforms:

  • eNCA Channel 403 on DStv
  • SABC Channel 404 on DStv
  • ANN7 Channel 405 on DStv


You can also catch live broadcasting from the IEC election centre in Pretoria on the following radio stations:

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