Cheaper iMac confirmed for South Africa

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Last week the purveyors of all things aluminium, Apple, announced a new, entry-level 21.5-inch iMac for the American and European markets. Today comes confirmation that it will be available in South Africa.

The new budget friendly iMac clocks in at R14 999 (as opposed to the R17 999 of the model it supplants at the base of the Mac desktop offering).

The reduction in price is, of course, not without the reduction of some of the specifications of the iMac: the processor has gone from a 2.7GHz quad core down to a 1.4GHz dual core unit, both from Intel’s Core i5 family. It’s the same Haswell generation processor that you would find in one of Apple’s MacBook Airs.

While onboard storage falls from 1TB down to 500GB, it can still be upgraded with everything Apple offers up to, and including, the 1TB Fusion Drive, although these are more than likely to be special order machines in South Africa which will take anything up to eight weeks to arrive in the country.

Upgrading the RAM on the other hand will not be an option as the supplied 8GB unit is non-upgradable. (Although once you factor in the cost of upgrading the base-spec iMac, you may as well just buy the old base-spec unit.)

The new iMacs should be here in the first few weeks of July so get your wallets ready.

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David Greenway

David Greenway

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