What’s in FNB’s new-look mobile app?

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The multi-award winning banking app from FNB has been given a design overhaul but more importantly a new set of features to allow both current and potential customers of the bank to do more without needing to go into a physical branch.

The biggest feature added to the list is the ability to receive foreign currency SWIFT payments using only the FNB app and a smartphone. The app now also gives customers the ability to open cheque accounts, credit cards and investment accounts from both smartphone and tablet versions of the app in as little as ten minutes according to FNB.

Personalised offers, such as pre-approved loans, accounts and investments, based upon the unique banking profile of each individual client will now also be made available to them upon login. “With this new feature we can ensure that customers using our App only receive personalised and relevant product offers,” says Giuseppe Virgillito, Head of Banking App, FNB Mobile and Connect.

The new app is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone with an updated BlackBerry 10 version in the works as well.

David Greenway

David Greenway

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