The World Cup on Facebook: a billion clicks and counting

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Yesterday we wrote about Twitter’s statgasm which pointed out that the current World Cup finals are already more popular on the social network than the London Olympics in their entirity.  We’re a bit late to Facebook’s swiftly published riposte, which also did the rounds yesterday, but it’s worth mentioning all the same.

Not to be outdone by Twitter, the world’s creepiest social network says that there have been a billion World Cup related posts, comments and likes, shared by 220 million people around the world, since kick off on 12th June.

Just like on Twitter, no other event has seen this much traffic on Facebook in the past. “Facebook’s data editors have never measured an event – sports or otherwise – that has topped a billion interactions,” Facebook says.

The Brazil vs Chile match, which became the most tweeted sporting event on Twitter, was equally popular on Facebook, with 75 million posts, comments and likes shared, making it the second highest most popular World Cup match ever.

The Brazil vs Croatia opening match on 12th June saw the highest level of Facebook conversation ever, with 58 million people engaging in more than 140 million interactions.

Facebook also says 141 million had 459 million interactions around the World Cup during its first week. That’s more interactions than the Sochi Olympics, Academy Awards and American Superbowl combined.

Altogether, more than 815 million posts, likes and comments were shared among 200 million people through out the entire group stage in the first two weeks.