And the SA province with the best drivers is…

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Road rage, accidents, bad drivers, potholes and traffic. Being a driver in South Africa is a challenge on its own, but some manage to do it better than others and according to Discovery Insure, the best drivers in the country are in the Western Cape.

Discovery Insure collected data from its road safety mobile app during the month of June and analysed 16.8 million kilometres of driving data from those who downloaded and used the app. 

The app allows users to to receive real-time feedback on their driving as measured by their smartphone’s built-in accelerometer, gyroscope and GPS, and score themselves against family and friends in the Discovery Insure Driver Challenge, which runs from 1st June to 31st August 2014.

Gauteng drivers came in second after the Western Cape, which is quite interesting considering how notorious Gauteng is for its congested traffic and not-so-pleasant encounters with bad drivers. Here’s a full list of the best drivers by province in order:

  1. Western Cape

  2. Gauteng

  3. Eastern Cape

  4. North West

  5. Free State

  6. Northern Cape

  7. KwaZulu-Natal

  8. Mpumalanga

  9. Limpopo

Drivers who use their cellphones while on the road recorded an average of 52 seconds of distracted driving per trip – the equivalent of one kilometre driving blind at 60 km per hour. Western Cape drivers used their cellphones the least, while Limpopo drivers used them the most.

The data also revealed that women are generally better drivers than, although women recorded more harsh braking events and higher levels of cell phone usage while driving. Men, however, didn’t do well with their speeding and cornering skills.

The Discovery Insure app is available for iOS and Android, for both Discovery Insure and non-Discovery Insure clients. Discovery members who want to share their driving data get free Vitality points. It’s worth pointing out, of course, that it may not be the best idea in the world to overshare your personal information with your health insurer – in the US, health companies have begun data mining credit cards to work out who is and isn’t going to get ill.

[Image – Shutterstock]