Nike’s new Football app is the social network for soccer players

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Keen for a quick five-on-five soccer game after work but don’t feel like the hassle of having to create a WhatsApp group or a Facebook event that’ll just land up irritating all of your mates? Well Nike’s new Football app aims to solve the problem of the football obsessed masses arriving just in time for the finale of this year’s world cup tournament.

The Nike Football app serves as a kind of social network for you and your ‘crew’, the name given to your group of friends and team mates who have joined you on the app. You can use the app to set up a competitive match or just a casual meet up to kick a ball around and then keep track of who is attending what the location is and even begin sharing some banter, and of course the obligatory emojis, with your mates about who you’re planning on pwning on the day.

“A player’s community will increase in size as they connect with players in their area. This enables them to find more games, more often, against new opponents,” said Davide Grasso, chief marketing officer for Nike. “It’s the ultimate way to play more and play better”

Nike has been at the forefront of using smartphones, especially Apple’s iPhone, to increase its public image turning apps into a strong marketing platform for the clothing that it sells. In particular, the Nike Running+ app has become a staple in many runners’ arsenal for tracking their mileage and achievements.

The app is slated to go live in both the iTunes app store for iOS and Google Play for Android users later today.

[Source, Image – Nike]

David Greenway

David Greenway

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