Malware suite promises 100% protection or a free sub

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Here’s an offer you can’t refuse: anti-malware service Trustwave has released a new product for businesses with a bold claim that guarantees it will detect and stop 100% of malware spread over the web.

Trustwave’s Zero Malware Guarantee promises to detect and stop 100% of malware transmitted via the web which is capable of being scanned by the Trustwave Secure Web Gateway. If this sounds way too good to be true, that’s because it is. Trustwave acknowledges that it’s still possible – if unlikely – for some malware to pass undetected and if that happens and infects your system, you’ll get a one month extension of the service for free.

“In today’s environment, where threats are escalating and security-specific skillsets are hard to find, businesses are finding it harder than ever to prevent web-based malware from infecting their infrastructure and stealing their sensitive data,” said Leo Cole, general manager of security solutions at Trustwave. “So we do it for them. Our new Zero Malware Guarantee gives our customers a high level of assurance that our managed security services will protect them from malware—a promise that’s unique in the security industry.”

For existing clients who have any questions or problems, Trustwave offers round-the-clock online support and information about the latest threats inside businesses’ infrastructures through its worldwide Follow the Threat Security Operations Centers.

To learn more about Trustwave’s Managed Anti-Malware services, visit the product’s page on the Trustwave website.

[Image – Shutterstock]