[MAP MONDAY] How far can an SA passport take you?

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As small as a passport is, any person who has gone out of South African borders knows just how important that little green booklet is.

Not only does your passport determine whether or not you’re allowed inside a country, it also carries power in terms of where and when you’re allowed to leave.

According to this map by Good Magazine (adapted from research by MoveHub) South African passport holders are allowed visa-free access, or can receive a visa upon arrival, in 94 countries worldwide. That number isn’t too bad compared to higher ranking countries such as Sweden, which sits at number one with 173, or Afghanistan which is the lowest ranking country. Afghani passport holders can only access 28 countries without a visa.

World Passport Power

On the other hand, South Africa may not be so high up the list of countries in which foreigners can gain easy access into. Thanks to the introduction of new visa regulations, visa applicants must make applications in person. The new regulations also stipulate that visa statuses can no longer be changed within South Africa, but rather at foreign missions.

[Source – MoveHub. Images – Shutterstock, Good.is]