The online community that helped expose the Porsche road rage attackers

Road rage in Johannesburg is again under the spotlight after a YouTube video depicting the assault of a driver by a passenger of another car went viral yesterday.

The video shows a passenger coming out of Porsche, kicking the door of a VW Polo and punching the driver through his open window. The enraged passenger then takes out the Polo driver’s keys from the ignition and throws them away from the car.

The driver of the Porsche and his passenger have both been tracked down, and the police are now investigating the incident.

The YouTube footage was taken by Andre Snyman, founder of the eblockwatch online community, where members submit information, data or footage of criminal activity taken using their cameras, cellphones etc. onto the site, which eblockwatch then uses to then spread to members via email or SMS.

Snyman sprang into action, recorded the incident and uploaded it onto YouTube along with the Porsche’s plate numbers, calling for viewers to assist by tracking the driver down. Snyman told IOL news that he put the video up in YouTube as eblockwatch believes in looking after South Africans who are not in a position to look after themselves.

Anyone can register as a member on eblockwatch, thereafter you can report incidents and view the incident map in real-time to see information on crimes reported by other members from around the country. eblockwatch members can also sign up for the CommUnity Button service, which works much like a panic button, where members can use speed dials on their cellphones to inform others when they or their family need help in emergency situations

Watch the video of the road rage incident below:

[Image – YouTube]


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