More Call of Duty devs leave to form a new studio

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Several ex-Call of Duty developers have joined together to form a new company called Reload Studios that will focus on virtual reality gaming, as well as new games for next-gen consoles and mobiles.

An official press release on their website says Reload Studios will “produce immersive interactive experiences for the emerging virtual reality and mobile markets, as well as traditional consoles”.

Four of the studio’s top five people come from Infinity Ward, Call of Duty’s original developer and the studio that made the series famous. The fifth member, Nik Ranieri, is an ex Disney animator, a man with so much talent he’s been ranked as the 20th most influential animator in Disney History by a blog that specialises in that sort of thing.

The four founding members include James Chung, Tahoon Oh, Pete Blumel and Hougant Chen, all of whom were involved in the Call of Duty franchise to some extent. Oh has the longest history with COD, having worked on six games over a decade.

While I’m not going to get too excited over a new studio populated by a team of people involved in making one of the most over-hyped games in existence (sorry, COD fans), what does interest me is their commitment to using virtual reality in their creations, and the effect having a top-tier animator on the team is going to have on their games’ visuals.

IGN, who originally ran the story, says that the studio is working on a new shooter that’s slated for a 2015 release. I look forward to finding out more in the coming months.

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Deon du Plessis

Deon du Plessis

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