What does it take to be a professional Dota 2 gamer?

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Last night saw the finals of this year’s The International, the fourth edition of the annual Dota 2 championships. This year the prize pool topped $10 million (R106 million) with the winning team, Newbee, taking home the lion’s share with over $5 million (R53 million) for the five man team catapulting them to the top five places on the Highest Overall Earnings list for egaming.

With a prize pool like that there are many out there who will be wondering what it takes to be a professional gamer with a chance of wining such riches and to put it into perspective The Verge has written a superb article that takes you through some of the challenges and requirements for a top tier egamer like those who participated in The International last week.

If you’d like a behind-the-scenes look at the pressures of a Dota 2 competitor, then we highly recommend watching Free To Play, the documentary that Valve made about the lead up to The International’s debut tournament in 2011.

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David Greenway

David Greenway

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