Cloud storage, simple invoicing & more: 5 Windows 8.1 business apps that make everything work

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When it comes to doing business, you simply cannot make it work without a computer, smartphone or tablet at hand. So if you happen to be running Windows 8.1 as your operating system of choice, we have the perfect mix of apps for your business below:


Price: Free


Cloud storage for individuals has come a long way in the last few years but few have attempted to change the way the cloud storage is done for business, except for Box that is. With a clean interface that newcomers will find easy to use and the ability to give different levels of access to a file to different people, Box is truly the king of business cloud storage.

[symple_column size=”one_half”] [symple_box style=”boxsucces”] “Cloud storage for businesses.[/symple_box] [/symple_column][symple_box style=”boxerror”] Get it from the Windows Store [/symple_box]

Invoice 360

Price: Free

Invoice 360

Are you a freelancer or a small business owner? Do you need an efficient, light-weight invoicing app that won’t cost you an arm and a leg? Well then you should be giving some serious consideration to Invoice 360. An easy to use interface, support for multiple companies and being able to email invoice PDFs without leaving the app make it a perfect choice for you.

[symple_column size=”one_half”] [symple_box style=”boxsucces”] “Easy invoicing.”[/symple_box] [/symple_column][symple_box style=”boxerror”] Get it from the Windows Store [/symple_box]

My Vodacom app for Tablets

Price: Free

My Vodacom

Managing your Vodacom account has never been simpler. Just login to the My Vodacom app and you’ll be able to check up on all of your balances as well as your outstanding billing amount for the month. You can also top up your data bundles quickly from within the app and get the latest info on the available offers from Vodacom for your next upgrade.

[symple_column size=”one_half”] [symple_box style=”boxsucces”] “Stay on top of your phone.”[/symple_box] [/symple_column][symple_box style=”boxerror”] Get it from the Windows Store [/symple_box]

Sage One Accounting

Price: Free (service subscription required)

Sage One

Sage is one of the most recognisable names in the world of accounting and payroll solutions and the Sage One app is the perfect way to stay on top of your business’ affairs while you’re on the move. Suppliers and customers, invoices and purchase orders can all be managed from the app and a host of graphs give you valuable information about how your business is doing at a glance.

[symple_column size=”one_half”] [symple_box style=”boxsucces”] “Easy-to-use accounting software.”[/symple_box] [/symple_column][symple_box style=”boxerror”] Get it from the Windows Store [/symple_box]

Track My Mileage

Price: Free (with in-app purchases)

Track My Milage

Tracking your mileage is a great idea as an individual who’s looking to get a handle on the amount of money that you spend on transport each month but as a business or an employee who drives a lot it’s vital that you have an up-to-date log book for your tax return each year. While the basic app allow for some tracking the upgrades unlock more powerful features including saving to OneDrive.

[symple_column size=”one_half”] [symple_box style=”boxsucces”] “Keep track of your mileage.”[/symple_box] [/symple_column][symple_box style=”boxerror”] Get it from the Windows Store [/symple_box]

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