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Dedicated studio for Xbox TV still a possibility

A while back Microsoft closed the division that was to be responsible for creating TV shows specifically for the Xbox One. It was called Xbox Entertainment Studios, and it was shuttered in Microsoft’s latest efforts to streamline the company, but it emerged on the weekend that Microsoft may be in the process of selling it off entirely to Warner Bros. That means there is still hope that somebody is going to be making those shows.

Microsoft has at least one show in the pipeline that will still be shown on the Xbox One (exclusively, for now) called Halo: Nightfall. It’s a live-action series based on the Halo universe, and Forbes says it is going ahead as planned, it’s just the future plans for the Xbox One as a digital TV distribution service that have been made unclear by the closure of Xbox Entertainment Studios.

Warner Bros. already has a stake in game-related content creation with Machinima, a popular online destination for people interested in making and watching gaming videos, so on the surface it appears there could be a good match in the making. Nothing is confirmed yet, however, and Machinima doesn’t have the best reputation among gamers with many content producers lamenting the company’s approach to contracts, so any kind of deal to hand Xbox Entertainment Studios over to the company may yet fall through.

And then there’s the question of how relevant this is to South African Xbox One owners, since we still don’t get a lot of the streaming services available elsewhere leading many to expect the same will apply to streaming services for the Xbox One.

[Source – Forbes, Image – Halowaypoint.com]

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