[MAP MONDAY] South Africa’s largest websites

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News sites are the most popular category among South Africans with News24 being the most popular site, according to the South African Internet Map.

Designed by multimedia specialist Marius Hollenbach, the South African Internet Map is a new site that maps the largest local sites grouped under 20 categories and shows which sites under each category are the biggest based on unique numbers and page views from Effective Measure.

Screenshot (158)Each site is represented by a circle on the map, where the size of the circle is determined by the site’s unique South African browsers (local readership). The more readers a website has, the bigger the circle. Hollenbach said he plans to add enhancements to the SA Internet Map in the future and add more websites to the map.

The creation of the South African Internet Map was inspired by the Internet Map, which presents an overview of global websites.

We’re very happy to see our very own htxt.africa site featured on the map as one of the most popular under the technology category.

You can see all the listed sites and the official numbers for each one on the South African Internet Map.

[Image – South African Internet Map]