Play some of the new Dragon Age with your mates

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The studio behind Dragon Age: Inquisition has posted a Frequently Asked Questions that outlines the game’s new co-op multiplayer mode. This is fantastic news for RPG gamers with friends, but don’t get too excited about it as you and up to three mates won’t be running through the main storyline together.

Instead, the co-op mode is separate from the main game, and will let up to four people do some co-operative dungeon-crawling using the combat, crafting and loot systems from the single-player bit.

The FAQ says the battles will be fast-paced and full of challenges to complete that unlock rewards that will – they hope – keep players coming back for more. Gamers will need to work together and combine their combat skills strategically to make their way through the dungeons; now that’s something I can really get behind.

A companion app will be available when the game launches that will let you manage your multiplayer characters from PCs, smartphones and tablets; you can change your weapons and armour, salvage goods for cash and more that way even when you’re not playing.

Don’t think you can game the system by unlocking awesome stuff in multiplayer and transfer it over to the single-player game for a bit of a boost, though – Bioware’s FAQ says the two modes are entirely separate. You also won’t be able to trade with other players while playing with friends – if you don’t like your items the only way to get better ones is to find or craft them.

The only bit I’m not massively happy about is that this new multiplayer mode will feature micro-transactions, which is the exchange of real money for Premium in-game cash that can be spent in multiplayer on chests containing potentially useful loot.

Fortunately it’s not compulsory: the gold that real-world money buys can be earned by simply crawling through dungeons, but it’s rather aggravating that it seems like EA is still banging the micro-transaction drum, something gamers have really not liked in the past (the Dungeon Keeper for mobile debacle being the most recent event to draw gamers’ ire). Things like that are part of the reason EA was voted the Worst Company in America twice in a row two years back.

I will definitely give the new multiplayer mode a go, but honestly I’m still far more excited for the (hopefully) epic single-player greatness that Dragon Age: Inquisition appears to offer.

If you’d like to read more about the new mode, head over to’s multiplayer FAQ page now.

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Deon du Plessis

Deon du Plessis

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