Windows 9 may copy OS X’s multiple desktop ‘Spaces’

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For users of Linux or Mac OS X the concept of separate, individual desktops is nothing new.

But for Windows users the next version of the operating system Windows 9, currently codenamed Threshold, could see the introduction of the concept of virtual desktops to the masses of Windows users.

According to’s sources inside the Redmond-based company, Microsoft, is currently experimenting with allowing desktop users to switch between individual virtual desktop spaces in a very similar way to Ubuntu – the current method of switching between desktops being tested is a combination of a button on the taskbar and keyboard shortcuts and will allow quick switching to the desktop of your choice.

It’s yet another cosmetic change that is expected of Windows 9 when it arrives sometime in 2015 with other changes like the return of the full start menu for desktop users without touchscreen interfaces as well as other interface changes that will differentiate the desktop and tablet Windows experiences.

Windows 9 should also be the end of the maligned Windows RT experiment, a version of the Windows OS without the desktop that ran on tablets powered by ARM processors which failed to make any sort of impact on the market. Rumour has it that Window RT will be integrated into Windows Phone, and will operate in much the same way that both Apple and Google do, with one operating system for smartphones and tablets and another one for PCs.

As Microsoft’s plans for Threshold become clearer it seems that the company’s (unfortunate) record of only succeeding in having mass-adoption and acceptance by the public of every second version of it’s desktop operating system seems to be in tact.

With the general dislike of Windows 8. As a Windows user myself, I hope that Windows 9 will be back on track and, as a former Mac OS user, I hope that ‘Spaces’ are a part of the plan.

[Source – Neowin]



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