Google Play gift cards have arrived in SA

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The next time you walk into a Pick n Pay or Checkers store, you may spot a Google Play gift card ready for you to purchase. Yes, Google Play gift cards have officially launched in South Africa.

Just like the iTunes gift cards which have been around for just under a year now, you can get a Google Play gift card worth R150, R250 or R450, and you can redeem it online or directly onto an Android device to buy books, apps and games, without having to use your credit card.

It’s going to take some time before they are available in all Pick n Pay and Checkers outlets, so Google advises that you call ahead to check whether they are available or not before heading out to buy one.

So if you’re thinking about what you could get for a loved one or friend this holiday season, a Google Play gift card may just be it.

[Source – Google Play, Image – Google Play]