#SMWJHB Five apps aimed at making Joburg a better place

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A medicine delivery service, a health app, a transport timetable app, a Joburg attractions app and a community watch app are some of what was born out of the Social Media Week Johannesburg Hackathon at JoziHub yesterday.

The hackathon challenged young Joburgers to create an app in 48 hours that would the city of gold a better place to live, work and socialise in. These are five of the apps that they came up with that aim to do exactly that.

Impilo 365

Impilo 365 aims to disseminate information HIV, AIDS and other sexually transmitted disease from already existing research and data from institutions, health care practitioners and online resources.

If a patient has symptoms of a certain sexually-related illness or disease or would like to know more about it, they can use the app to search and read up on the relevant information.
Users can also use the app to search for their nearest hospital clinic or health practintioner using geolocation and find contact details of local health organisations.


BlockWatch seeks to help residents in Johannesburg’s communities to help make sure public services in their areas are operting the way they should.
Residents can use the app to report problems such as leaking pipes, exposed electrical cables and water shortages. In turn, the City of Joburg will be able to communicate important notices to residents.
Residents also have the ability to report crime using the emergency button feature that will alert neighbours so that they can call the authorities and help their fellow resident.

Easy Travel

Easy Travel is a transport app primarily aimed at Johannesburg’s MetroBus users.

Users can find information on bus times, stops, routes, fares, delays and rates and track where certain buses are at a particular time.
Additional information on taxi routes and fares is also available on the app for those who use the transport system as well.

Vuka Jozi

Vuka Jozi is uses augmented reality and geolocation to help residents and visitors in Johannesburg to interact with and discover activities and attractions around the city.

Different augmented reality markers will be placed around the city, users can use the app together to scan the markers and access audio and visual content that gives them information and a background on the area and attraction


Thuso is a medicine delivery service for hospital and clinic patients who visit the health care institutions and receive prescriptions thereafter.
After receiving their prescriptions, patients go home instead of waiting in long queues or being turned back at hospital or private pharmacies and use the Thuso web or mobile app to enter their contact and residential details and request that the medication be delivered to their homes via Thuso employees who use electric bicycles to get around.