Clothing store fitting rooms in SA are about to get connected

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Most of us have been through the hassle of getting into a clothing retail store’s fitting room and trying on a few things only to find out they either don’t suit, don’t fit, or you’d actually prefer another colour or item.

That means the annoyance of having to get dressed again, walk out to exchange the item and then queue to get back into the fitting room. And repeat. It’s time-consuming and frustrating process… but that’s all about to change for the better with the introduction of connected fitting rooms.

Connected fitting rooms are a new innovation created by Accenture (in partnership with Microsoft) which were unveiled for the first time today at a precursor event to Social Media Week Johannesburg.

Connected fitting rooms are part of a retail solution for brands and customers called Oltiva, run under the Otliva Retail app.

Connected fitting rooms bring technology and communication into the changing room. You step inside and in front of you is a mirror and big screen. To start using the Otliva Retail app, you first have to create a profile. Then you can select which clothes you came in with from the store gallery and it appears on the screen and shows you which other colours and sizes the item is available in, should you wish to swap anything.

It also suggests other things, like accessories that match, and anything on sale or promotion. And if you want to swap the clothing item for another size, colour, etc., you don’t even have to step out of the fitting room – all you have to do is select the on-screen option that lets the store assistant know, and they will go and get it for you.

The app is also useful for stores as they get to see what is happening on the backend, and can easily find out which items are popular with shoppers. They can get feedback from you, contact you (should they want to apologise) or tell you about any promotions in the store, etc.

The great part is that these connected fitting rooms are not something you can only expect to see in the far future because they’re launching next week!

Keep an eye out for them in selected retail stores in Sandton shopping centre, as well as at Social Media Week Johannesburg where Accenture and Microsoft will be giving demonstrations.