Free 3G for Kenyan smart TVs

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Televisions really have come a long way since the first model was introduced to the South African market in 1976. Modern TVs are radically different to the first ones that went on sale in everything from size to picture quality to aspect ratio; some of the best ones are even connected to the internet, with extra functionality built in that turns them into something more closely resembling a computer than a television set.

But even as technology and household goods merge, uptake is still quite slow in certain parts of Africa. And it’s for that reason that Samsung wants to connect as many of its customers’ smart televisions to the internet as it can so they can work as they have been designed to do.

In collaboration with Samsung, Kenyan mobile service provider Safaricom will be providing buyers of specific Samsung Smart TVs with free 3G dongles to get their televisions connected, and in return will make money from the internet traffic generated.

Samsung is hoping that the free 3G dongle offer will encourage buyers of smart TVs to connect to the internet, where they can download a variety of apps to run on their television sets.

“At Samsung, the television is more than just a screen— it is a window to the world, providing new experiences, new discoveries and new possibilities; Samsung customers will enjoy even more entertaining and easy-to-use content on the Samsung Smart TV,” Won Jin Lee, executive vice president of the Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics, said in a press statement.

Samsung’s Skype application will be launching on the televisions a bit later this year, and it has already confirmed that popular games like Need for Speed Most Wanted, Golf Star and Real Football 2014 will also be included.

[Source – Innov8tiv]

Charlie Fripp

Charlie Fripp

Charlie started his professional life as a motoring journalist for a community newspaper in Mpumalanga, Charlie explored different journalistic angles since his entry into the fast-paced world of publishing in 2006. While fostering a passion for the arts, Charlie developed a love for technology – both which allowed him to serve as Entertainment and Technology Editor for an online publication. Charlie has since been heavily involved in consumer technology for various websites and publications. He thoroughly enjoys World War II films and cerebral documentaries; aviation; photography and indie music. Oh yes, and he also has a rather strange obsession with collecting coffee mugs from his travels.