[MAP MONDAY] Which countries are most affected by climate change?

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China, India, Bangladesh, Mongolia, Thailand and Nepal are among some of the countries who are the most vulnerable to the effects of climate change, according to this interactive illustration called “The Carbon Map”.

Screenshot (277)

The Carbon Map was created by Duncan Clark and Robin Houston under the banner of Kiln, a data visualisation studio that produces maps and interactive diagrams using complex data gathered from various resources. The map above illustrates which countries contributed to climate change in 2013, and which were the worst affected by its results (i.e. rising sea levels and temperatures, droughts and floods, etc.).

According to The Carbon Map, 956 669 people in South Africa were victims of floods, droughts and rising temperatures last year, while 262 813 people were recorded as living less than five metres above sea level.

You can navigate the full map on the The Carbon Map website.

[Source – The Guardian]



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