Have a look at every active satellite in orbit around earth

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Have you ever been curious as to how many satellites there are orbiting earth? Doing a quick Google search will more than likely deliver up some promising results, but it wouldn’t give you an accurate scale of just how many man-made objects there are which are taking pictures, broadcasting locations, housing humans and more.

By using a database compiled by the Union of Concerned Scientists, the good folks over at Quartz put together a really interesting visualisation to show you just how many satellites are up there. The interactive page allows you to highlight the satellites by country, purpose or age, among others.

The page also gives a short explanation for some of the more interesting bodies keeping their beady little eyes on us:

“Space begins 100 km up. Satellites are arranged by altitude, but they don’t all stay in the same place—37 of them are in elliptical orbits that maximize their view of earth at high altitude before a quick low-altitude jaunt around the other side of the planet,” Quartz adds.

Satellite 2

[Source – Quartz]


Charlie Fripp

Charlie Fripp

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