Feeding hungry school kids around SA one share and retweet at a time

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Twitter is infamous for people sharing pictures of their food, and there’s nothing at all we can do to stop it. Trust us, we’ve tried. What if those pictures were actually doing some good, though? That’s the theory behind a new campaign called Social Feed which is literally turning social feeds into food. Or that’s the idea, anyway.

The Peninsula School Feeding Association (PSFA) and digital marketing agency, Hellocomputer (they of the Tweeting Badger of Joburg Zoo fame) have teamed up with some of South Africa’s biggest brands and social media to help feed hungry school children in the country, one share and retweet at a time. According to the PSFA, three out of four children go to school hungry every single day and this significantly affects their ability to perform well in their school work. Social Feed wants to help address this issue by getting brands to convert their media budgets into feeding budgets by placing ads or content that people can share on Facebook or Twitter.

“We spend a lot of time sharing stuff on our Social Media channels. Seriously, a lot. And brands spend loads of money buying media giving us things to share. But what if we could share something that could make change happen, and what if brands bought media that could make a real difference – like feeding,” Social Feed said.

Each share equals one meal provided for a child in need. So far Luckystar and Investec have come on board and more brands are welcome to place their ads or content on Social Feed and four hundred and six meals have been provided since launch a few days ago.

It’s a win-win situation for all parties, brands get exposure on social media, users get to do a bit of good and most of all, school kids get to have one hearty meal provided for them.

This is not the first social media has been used to help address the issue of hunger among school kids in South Africa. Earlier this year, an Instagram-like social network called Feedie that uses shared photos of meals at select restaurants was launched in Johannesburg by local super model turned philanthropist. Topaz Page-Green. So we may be seeing more similar campaigns arising in future.

You can read more about Social Feed and help provide a meal on the campaign’s website.

[Source – Bizcommunity, image – YouTube]





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