[UPDATED] Player showcases Assassin’s Creed: Unity’s hilarious glitches to the tune of Barbie Girl

UPDATE 14/11/2014: The video that was linked to in the original story has been taken down due to a copyright claim by Angrycentaurgaming. We are sad pandas now. To stay abreast of what’s happening behind the scenes to rid the game of bugs, check out Ubisoft’s live blog of its bug-fix progress.

So the latest Assassin’s Creed is out and it’s kind of glitchy.

Well, maybe a bit more than “kind of”. Initial reports have indicated that all kinds of weird things happen in French Revolution-era Paris that have nothing to do with angry mobs or the rich being stabbed in the face by the poor. There are horizontal people, invisible walls impede progress in open areas, climbing up tall buildings occasionally looks odd, Arno falls through the floor every now and then and other decidedly unintentional “features”.

Naturally, gamers are having a bit of a laugh at the game (in between throwing their controllers at the wall, that is). Destructoid was sent a video from YouTube user Crashinsid3 Station‘s channel showcasing six whole minutes of AC: Unity’s hilarious glitches from various players that are accompanied firstly by the 90s bubblegum pop tune Barbie Girl, and then by Wham’s Wake Me Up (Before You Go-Go).

Not being the one playing while those bugs glitch out, I thought the video was hilarious and worth sharing.

According to our own Charlie Fripp, who has spent some time with the game already this week, Unity is still highly playable even with these glitches present. You’ll only have to re-load your game when if you fall through a level or you get stuck on invisible scenery; for the rest of them, they’re just funny to watch. I was particularly fond of the member of the crowd who accidentally “hid” behind a pillar as Arno walked past. The hat thing is also pretty fun.

Other bugs not seen in the video are already making the rounds on the internet, like the now-infamous “no-face” bug (via Extremetech) that removes faces, leaving nothing but floating eyeballs and teeth and gums in some scenes.

Apparently the bugs affect all three platforms the game is on: PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Ubisoft has already issued a 1GB patch, but according to Charlie it hasn’t had enough of an impact, and that glitches are still alive and well. Let’s hope Ubisoft gets on this quickly.

[Source – Destructoid, Extremetech]

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