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SAPS gets a high-tech, connected police car

Technology is slowly creeping into every aspect of our lives, so it just seems natural that the police service should also benefit from the Internet of Things (essentially devices that are connected to the web that helps us in more way than what we could possibly imagine).

Through services and connectivity provided by mobile operator Vodacom, the South African Police Service (SAPS) will receive its first police car equipped with infrastructure provided by Samsung to connect to fixed and mobile networks.

“The information that we’ll be able to put at the disposal of the police, combined with coordination from a centralised control centre, will mean a step change in capabilities. In short, the police will be able to do more, in less time and at a lower cost than ever before,” said Vuyani Jarana, chief officer at Vodacom Business in a statement.

In terms of the technology that SAPS will be making use of for its fancy new cars, they now have the ability to recognise number plates through the use of specialised camera.

“Information gathered by the cameras and shared via the mobile connection can be cross-referenced with databases such as those administered by the Department of Transport and the Department of Home Affairs. This would dramatically increase the ability of the police to detect criminals and react instantly. The equipment can also be fitted to existing vehicles,” Vodacom said in a statement.

But it’s not only number plates can be researched, as it will be able to check ID numbers, drivers licences, outstanding fines and other information. In the case that someone has infringed some laws, mobile printers are equipped in the cars so that officers can give notices on the spot.

The vehicle is currently on show at the annual GovTech conference that runs from 2 – 5 November 2014 at the International Convention Centre in Durban.

[Source, Image – Vodacom]

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