Women make up 38% of telecoms workforce in South Africa: Stats SA

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Official gatherer of the national statistics, Stats SA, has released a short but intriguing report this morning, in which its collated a load of employment stats for the transport, telecoms and postal industries in South Africa. It’s an irregular publication which appears every three to five years – the last of its kind was put out in 2010.

That gives us some interesting comparisons to make over time, especially given that the report is broken down by sector and gender. So has the telecommunications industry – the one we’re most interested in – become more or less representative according to gender over time?

The answer is that it’s not changed a bit. In 2010, 9 927 workers out of 25 986 were female, or 38.2%. In 2013 that had changed to 15 417 out of 49 486. Or 38.08%. That does, however, make it one of the more representational of all sectors in the report (see graph below). The one dominated by female workers includes travel agencies.

Overall, the South African communications industry – which covers telecoms, post and courier services – workforce declined 25% from 54 545 in 2010 to 40 486 in 2013.

The numbers don’t look so good in the transport and postal industries either. The spreadsheet below shows the industry with the highest proportion of females employed in 2013 was transport agency activities at 69%, while the storage and warehousing was the industry with the lowest proportion at 12%.

Here’s the full breakdown of that section of the report. Mouse over to reveal more.

[Source – Stats SA, image – Shutterstock]