Victoria’s Secret new heart-rate sensing bra does little to woo wearable tech market

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International fashion and beauty brand Victoria’s Secret (VS) is best known for its range of luxe women’s lingerie that hits the fashion catwalks every year, but recently the company made an underwhelming first attempt into wearable tech with the launch of a new heart-rate sensing sports bra.

According to VS, the Incredible Bra is designed for active women and comes in two colours: grey and pink. It’s not fitted with a heart-rate monitor, instead it has clips in front to attach a traditional belt-worn monitor to it which does away with the need for a belt strap. The product’s webpage does say that it will work with most major brands of heart-rate sensors.

But with so many minimalist fitness trackers coming out in the next few months such as the Jawbone UP3, which do a lot more than just monitor your heart-rate and are better at gauging your fitness levels, Victoria’s Secret probably needs to up its game if it wants to be counted among the list of fitness tech women should consider. Not to mention that there are already a number of similar bras out there such as the Sensoria Fitness Bra which has an almost identical design and function.

And because Victoria’s Secret is one of the world’s most recognisable women’s brand, the Incredible Bra comes with a price tag of between $72.50 (around R740) and $75.50 (R770). Expensive, when you consider the bra isn’t exactly what one would classify as smart.

[Source – Slash Gear, Image – Victoria’s Secret]