Unlimited mobile data for R149 from DATA SIM

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The dream of unlimited mobile data for your smartphone or tablet is once again being promised and this time its for the absurdly low price of just R149.99 a month. The new player is a company called DATA SIM which piggybacks on MTN’s LTE network in much the same way that Afrihost does with its mobile data packages, but carries quite a few restrictions on the kind of content that can be downloaded.

DATA SIM does not restrict uses to a specific connection speed with MTN’s full compliment of network options, including LTE, available to be connected to and there are no soft caps to throttle speeds after a certain threshold has been reached. DATA SIM’s SIM cards are available in mini, micro and nano SIM sizes to cater for all smartphones, tablets and portable WiFi devices.

In terms of what services will be unrestricted on the unlimited SIM card, DATA SIM’s website states that “Users will have access to Unlimited Internet browsing, Social media sites, watching of videos on Facebook, Skype video calling, downloading of files, downloading and uploading of videos on WhatsApp, downloading unlimited email attachments, uploading of images on social media sites and many more!”

The restrictions on the DATA SIM include pornographic websites as well as sites deemed malicious by DATA SIM, although user’s can contest whether a site is in fact malicious in hopes of having it unblocked by DATA SIM.

Streaming music and video sites are also blocked as well as sites that offer music and movie downloads although the exact names of these sites and services are all currently unnamed with the exception of YouTube.

DATA SIM founder Saeed Moosa also told htxt.africa that the company is currently working with Telkom to launch another unlimited data SIM product on it’s LTE capable mobile network. The product will cost R200 for the first month and then R149.99 monthly thereafter and will also offer voice and SMS functionality in addition to the unlimited data. The first month will see users receiving R130 of inclusive airtime on the SIM card with R50 in each subsequent month of subscription.

[Via – My Broadband]

David Greenway

David Greenway

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