Evolve devs get haircuts, shave beards as their game goes gold

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Monster-hunting multiplayer game Evolve has “gone gold”, which means it’s received certification and is on its way to manufacturing according to Gameinformer.

To celebrate the milestone, the game’s developers over at Turtle Rock Studios have finally been able to get haircuts and shave the beards they said they wouldn’t touch until after the title is done. 2K, Evolve’s publisher (which made no such promise) celebrated in its own way by releasing the intro movie online. The clip is pretty cool, and you should totally watch it.

Between all members of the development team, 227.5 inches of hair was grown – that’s 5.778 metres of the stuff to you and me – and the cutting thereof probably came as quite a relief to their significant others.

Via TRS Facebook page.
Via TRS Facebook page.

But it wasn’t just done for a lark, Turtle Rock promised to donate $50 for every inch grown to the Child’s Play Charity. 2K matched the figure, resulting in a total donation of $22 750 or about R266 000.

An open beta for the game is set to start next week; it will become available on the 16th of January for Xbox One owners and the 17th for PlayStation 4 players, so if you happen to own one of those platforms keep an eye on your marketplace and grab the files the second they come online.

I spent some hands-on time with an early build of Evolve back in 2014, and was hugely impressed with the game’s team-based multiplayer, its incredible visuals and the smoothness of its graphics.

Evolve will be out on the 10th of February for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

[Source – Gameinformer]

Deon du Plessis

Deon du Plessis

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