[MAP MONDAY] What are South Africa’s chances of surviving climate change?

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Picture this: Climate change has become extremely dire and global leaders and experts have to act fast to deal with it the situation to keep their country’s economy, people and environment afloat. Will South Africa survive? Probably, says the ND-Gain Index.

A report by Notre Dame Global Adaptation Index ranked 178 countries worldwide according to how vulnerable they are to the risks of climate change, and how ready they are to deal with them and South Africa ranked 74th overall.

To better illustrate the index’s rankings, The Eco Experts put together a few maps using some of the information contained in the report.

In Africa, we’re among only three countries with better chances of survival, if the report is to be believed.

Explore more data on the ND-Gain Index.

[Source – The Eco Experts, Image – Shutterstock]



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