Twizoo: the smart way to mine free Twitter data

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If you’re a developer, you’ll know that social networks like Twitter have tons of data floating about that are a treasure trove of useful information for individuals and companies to take advantage of.

One such developer who has turned free Twitter data from users into a basis for her business is Madeline Parra. Parra is the creator of Twizoo, a mobile app that uses the social media tool to help users find restaurants and bars to by filtering searches according to their ratings, distance and prices.

Twizoo uses customer reviews, experiences and opinions posted on Twitter to create a layer of algorithms on the social network to organise these tweets and then make real-time recommendations to Twizoo users, essentially tapping into the Twitter API and sifting through the free data.

“We’ve found on average there are seven customer ‘review’ Tweets about a restaurant for every one TripAdvisor or Yelp review,” says Parra. “There isn’t company that’s delivering social media analysis back to the consumer in a way that helps them solve a problem or make a decision.”

But what makes Twizoo’s business structure so fascinating is that it analyses free user data that’s really available to everyone , so the company doesn’t incur any costs in having the data provided for. The app works, even when no one is using it.

“The best feedback about restaurants and pubs doesn’t come from one person (sorry professional restaurant critics!) or anonymous sources (sorry TripAdvisor!) but from all of us,” the startup’s site reads.

Twizoo was launched in July last year and is currently available in beta in London, with San Francisco, New York, Chicago and Washington DC to be added next.

[Source – Business Insider, Image – iTunes]



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