Videogame accurately predicts outcome of a major sporting event

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If you doubt that sports games are actual simulations of real life sporting action, get ready to be amazed: EA’s annual American Football game, Madden NFL, knew which team was going to win the 2015 Superbowl long before the game got underway, right down to the final score: 28-24 in favour of the New England Patriots.

More than that, it accurately predicted that one of the teams would come from behind to take the game, which is exactly what happened – the Seattle Seahawks raced to a commanding lead in the first half, but were outplayed in the third and fourth quarters.

Madden also almost nailed the exact number of yards thrown by the winning team’s quarterback: the game predicted Patriot quarterback Tom Brady would throw 335 yards over the course of the game and score four touchdowns. His actual performance on the night? 328 yards and four touchdowns. Amazing.

Forbes writes that Madden has been predicting Superbowl games for the last 12 years, and thanks to this most recent performance has an impressive record of 9-3. Pundits, meanwhile, were backing the Seahawks; I know whose predictions I’m going to listen to next year if I decide to put a little something-something on the game.

Here’s the original prediction video:

While American Football isn’t as widely followed here in South Africa as our more traditional sports, there are definitely more than a few fans. Our own Charlie Fripp was up late last night supporting his team, the new England Patriots, with a few friends. While he’s pretty happy his team won, he’s also looking a bit like a zombie this morning since the game wrapped up at 5:10am.

[Source – Forbes]

Deon du Plessis

Deon du Plessis

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