Google Drive adds 2GB storage just for doing security check

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Google wants to make sure that your Drive documents in its cloud service remain safe which is why (as part of Safer Internet Day) they’re giving you an extra 2GB of storage when you do a simple Security Checkup.

“While everything stored in Drive is always encrypted in transit and at rest in Google’s custom-built data centers, this checkup ensures you’re making the most of the 24/7 protection you already get from Google,” Google said in a blog post.

The checkup takes about two minutes to do, but you will have to hurry as the extra 2GB of storage offer is only open until the 17th of this month. If you have gone through the steps but don’t see the increase in size just yet, don’t fret. Google will add the storage to your account around the end of the month.

According to Google, here’s what the Security Checkup does:

  • Ensures your account recovery information is current
  • If we detect suspicious activity in your account, we use your recovery info to get in touch and make sure no one but you gains access
  • Lets you review recent sign-in activity
  • Reviewing this lets you validate the sign-ins are coming from you and not someone who shouldn’t be using your credentials
  • Confirms the apps and devices that access some account information
  • This step lets you monitor this list and remove apps and devices that don’t need access to your account any more

[Source – Google]

Charlie Fripp

Charlie Fripp

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