Capetonian phone charging handbags put a spare battery in your clutch

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Tammy Lederle has set up and owned a number of businesses in her life from a catering company to an events agency and has worked for a bespoke handbags company in New York and two leading magazine houses here at home. But passion and a knack for business led her to start her own company, which sells locally makes stylish leather mobile charging bags for men and women among other things.

Lederle started Brandnew in 2009, a full service creative, communications, back-end website development and events agency in Cape Town, with clients such as the Springboks, Reebok and Oakley.

Recently, a trip to Australia gave her the inspiration to develop a concept for mobile charging purse division that she could start in South Africa after seeing a few in Sydney.

“As managing director of a creative agency, I’m always on the go and manage to run out of phone battery at least twice each day. Between travelling, back-to-back meetings and snapping photos of my two Labrador/Golden Retriever dogs, I saw an opportunity to create a fashionable must-have accessory with built-in brains,” Lederle explains.

Tammy Lederle

TAKE CHARGE bags are made of 100% leather, the clutches and purses are designed for women, while fold over cases are unisex. The bags are compatible with most micro-usb smartphones and iPhones and iPads.

Each bag has a slim battery that sits in secret slip-pocket inside the bag, allowing you to put other small items inside of it and can charge a mobile once before it needs to be charged itself.

All bags are made from a workshop located in WoodStock Cape Town and the company employs four workers who make the bags.

“As a proudly South African product, we only source local leather and have the bags manufactured locally. We have custom designed all TAKE CHARGE castings as well as the inner linings of the bags,” says Lederle.

“As an added extra for customers, we also offer personalisation which is done by gold printing on a small leather plaque which is sewn into the lining of the bag, to ensure the recipient’s gift is completely unique.”

Apart from individual customers, TAKE CHARGE’s client list also includes companies such as Investec, Sunglass Hut, Tropika and Superbalist and have been featured on some of South Africa’s biggest fashion magazines.

At the moment, Lederle says there are no plans to expand into other products, but that she wants to focus on growing the TAKE CHARGE brand and its reach.

“We have quite a lot of exciting plans up our sleeves – especially for the winter months. With new lining designs, designer collaborations and a new range of bags in mind, we are very excited to share the latest in TAKE CHARGE innovation with the public,” she says.

TAKE CHARGE bags are available on its website and on Superbalist.