Killarney and Riviera to become Vumatel ‘fibrehoods’

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Following hot on the heels of suburbs Parktown North, Greenside and Parkhurst, two more residential areas in Johannesburg will soon have superfast broadband to the doorstep available to every home. Fibre operator Vumatel just sent word that it’s extending its Fibre-To-The-Home (FTTH) network.

In a media statement on Friday, the communications company said that it has received endorsements from Killarney and Riviera to be connected. The roll-out in the two suburbs should start in the beginning of this year.

The company was the first entity to provide Parkhurst with FTTH and in many instances it was a bit of a proving ground. But Vumatel CEO Niel Schoeman said that since Parkhurst has come online, it has seen a lot of interest from other interested suburbs.

“There has been rapid and high volume take up of FTTH in Parkhurst, and interest from other suburbs is increasingly evident. The ability to have a stable, true high-speed internet connection in today’s tech driven society is highly sought-after and we’re excited to offer this ground breaking service, rooted in choice and control to South African consumers”.

Being on Vumatel’s FTTH, you can expect to get speeds of up to 1Gbps.

“This is a positive and welcome development for Killarney-Riviera. Our residents will obtain numerous technological benefits from the project, but we will also see further increases in property prices because the availability of a first-world FTTH is very attractive to technologically-driven societies,” said Wayne Ford, chair of the New Killarney-Riviera Association.

According to Vumatel, there are a lot more suburbs waiting to become part of the program, as by last count it numbered over 40.

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Charlie Fripp

Charlie Fripp

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