[MAP MONDAY] All of SA’s 204 National Key Points geolocated

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The ever so controversial Nkandla compound, home to President Jacob Zuma and his family, is probably South Africa’s most popular National Key Points (NKP), thanks to the publicity it has gotten over the past few years… but do you know what our NKP are? This map can help.

A list of 204 NKP was released by the police ministry in January, The Mail & Guardian (M&G) created an interactive map pinning the exact locations of most of them.

The list includes places and buildings such as the South African Reserve Bank, SABC headquarters and regional offices, the Square Kilometer Array (SKA) site and late former President Nelson Mandela’s village of Qunu and his Houghton presidential home.

Gauteng has the most NKP, while the Northern Cape has the least. And now you know it all. Find out the other NKP on the M&G map below.

[Source – The Mail & Guardian]